AmeriCam Automotive Camera & TradeCraft DVR Systems

Seeing Is Believing: Watch Your Drivers From Your Desk or On The Go

We designed the TradeCraft range to be the best fully customisable, chassis-mounted vehicle CCTV platform for your fleet's interior and exterior surveillance and safety needs.

The TradeCraft is a state of the art vehicle CCTV system that combines the knowledge of telematics with the power of digital video recorders (DVRs) and multiple cameras to give you the whole picture. Take the guesswork out of your day; know where your vehicles are and what they are doing in real time from your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android device.

Manage risks, prevent accidents, and take control of your fleet today.

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Having problems with passengers? Our Driver Alarm button allows your drivers to tag videos in which they see suspicious behaviour for instant transfer to servers if you have the 3G option, or when they get back to the yard with the WiFi option.

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Prevent accidents with our new SafeTurn software! The left or right camera will automatically display your blind spots on your monitor when indicators are activated. For added safety, we’ve also set the rear camera to display when you put the vehicle into reverse.

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Taxis & Limos

If your main concern is where your drivers are and if they have passengers, we've got you covered. Get real time driver tracking, video, and optional audio feeds that you can view wherever you are. (Available on your computer, iOS, or Android devices)

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